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Rubber mulch has been shown to consistently absorb more shock impact than any other standard surface material. This is particularly important because more than 200,000 playground injuries end up in the emergency room every year. A long-lasting and safe choice, playground rubber mulch reduces the risk of injury. It’s not uncommon for children to fall during play but why risk something that could be more serious? Safety standards are important and our rubber mulches meet ADA and IPEMA standards when used at a depth of six inches.

Rubber playground mulch is popular on commercial playgrounds, and it’s available in lots of fun colors.


Rubber mulch is the first choice of many landscape specialists, and is becoming recognized by more and more property owners as a popular choice when needing to create that perfect curb side appeal.

So why use rubber mulch over more common wooden mulch? Many folks these days are rightfully concerned for the environment and understand that choices, big and small, can make a differences. Rubber mulch eases some of these worries because it’s created from recycled rubber and clearly recycling is a wise choice when it comes to protecting our natural resources and ensuring a healthy environment for our children.


The health of your horse is clearly important to you. Tests have shown that rubber mulch helps protect horses from falls that may lead to injury. Available in a variety of colors, this low maintenance, non-toxic and rot resistant product reduces the amount of mud and dust that could also lower stress. Besides offering you piece of mind for the safety of your horse, rubber mulch is a good choice for the environment because it’s made from 100% recycled rubber.

Rubber mulch is a great option around stables since it’s safe for pets. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission rated it the highest for shock absorption. Rubber mulch is excellent for use in paddocks, riding arenas and for general landscaping around the barn.

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